Who We Are

Our Mission

The Lord has given us a burden to share the love of Christ with the children and families of Honduras. In this small Latin American country, there are an estimated 400,000 street children, 180,000 orphaned or abandoned children, and countless broken families. They are seeking answers and relief for their broken lives through drugs, violence, promiscuity, and works-based religions. Abandoned children grow up to abandon their own children. Fatherless boys grow up to be men who walk away from their sons. Fatherless girls grow up seeking to fill the void but finding only more emptiness. And so, the hopeless cycle continues.

Our mission, through God’s grace, is to abolish this old cycle and start a new cycle of hope for his glory.

We were privileged by the Lord to spend our first 16 months working in a large children’s children’s home of over 80 children here in Honduras. God used this time to fine tune our vision, and educate us on what is the best way for us to go about his business here as we seek to minister to Honduran children and their families.

Stay tuned to our site for updates on how the Lord leads over the next few months here in Honduras!

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